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he program is to train intermediate staff in the title of Occupational Health and Safety Technician who has more knowledge about technician than technician and has more knowledge about Occupational Health and Safety. The. Regulation on the Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of the Engineers and Technical Staff and the Working Procedures and Principles of Occupational Safety ğinden published by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security within the framework of the European Union process harmonization laws mandates the employment of engineers and technical personnel responsible for occupational safety at workplaces. In addition to this, minimizing the risks in workplaces, creating a healthy and safe environment, eliminating the dangers at the source, increasing the productivity of workers and factory by giving the full attention of the working people in this environment, minimizing the legal, conscientious and financial responsibilities as a result of any accident and thus, Occupational Health and Safety Program aims to contribute to the national economy by increasing the profitability of the enterprise. World Health Organization; defines the health and safety of the employees as inin the physical, mental and social conditions of the employees to be carried to the highest level and the application of the protection methods for the prevention of the damages to their health, the person's work and the job suitable for the person çalışan. According to the estimates of the International Labor Organization, there are around 3 billion people in the world, including 1.2 billion women, and because every improvement in working life is closely related to everyone in the world, such as working life, employment, working conditions, social security, vocational training, occupational health and safety. There are many important components and occupational health and safety among these components. There are about 1 million occupational accidents per day in the world, which accounts for up to 4 percent of the total gross national product in the world economy, un moreover, 2.3 million people lose their lives as a result of occupational accidents and occupational diseases. Occupational Health and Safety training is one of the steps that will increase job security in order to create a healthy and sustainable work force supply as a country, to increase the quality of life of employees, to increase productivity and to improve our production quality.
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