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General Information
The main objective of the Child Development Program is to educate the children who are aware of the importance of child development and education, to recognize the developmental characteristics of children aged 0 kazan6, to gain knowledge about their habits and needs, and to take measures for the problems children may face. In addition to this, the program aims to educate technical staff who are aware of the children who are in need of special education and who are able to regulate the appropriate educational environment. Other objectives of the program are briefly summarized, to give information about the symptoms of the diseases mentioned in the aforementioned age group, to know the ways of protection in this regard and the techniques of care to the patient, to provide qualified personnel who have basic knowledge and skills in first aid. To prepare educational toys suitable for children's developmental level and developing technology, to make maintenance and repair of machine tools and equipment used, to prepare the daily menu and food in accordance with the principles of preparing the elements. Candidates who want to study in this program, loving children, tolerant, patient, democratic, successful in human relations and open to innovations, hands-on, creative, productive, energetic and outward-oriented, working, reading and continuous research, visual arts (music, Painting, Drama, Games, etc., such as interest should be.
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