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Education System
Child Care - Regular Education
Education System
Koçarlı Vocational School is located with the Faculty of Agriculture in Adnan Menderes University South Campus which is 20 km from Aydın city center, 6 km away from Koçarlı city center. Koçarlı Vocational School was established in 2006 with 4 (four) programs in Technique Programs. Each program has 40 (forty) student quota and the vocational school started its education in the 2006-2007 academic years. Programs were selected according to socio-economic requirements of Turkey and the region. It aims to supply the requirements of the agricultural industry in terms of the “qualified intermediate staff who have adequate knowledge and skill”. Koçarlı Vocational School has been continueing its education with “Landscape and Ornamental Plants Program” in Park and Garden Plants Department, “Agricultural Machinery Program” in Machinery and Metal Technologies Department and “Organic Agriculture Program” and “Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Program” in Plant and Animal Production Department until 2012-2012 academic years. Koçarlı Vocational School has 9 teaching assistants, 1 specialist and 9 administrative personnel and they worked in office of admissions, education services, and administrative services. Koçarlı Vocational Scholl wants to targeted that favored by the students and searched by the industry. Koçarlı vocational Scholl still continue its development in terms of the recent developments in technologies.
Qualification Awarded
Associate Degree
Specific Admission Requirements
It is determined by ÖSYM to graduate from the Departments of Child Development of Vocational High Schools and in accordance with the relevant legislation of Yök.
Profile of The Programme
The teacher assistant / pre-school teacher assistant program includes the courses in the lesson plan, the training and internship applications in the content of the modules under these courses. Child Development Branch courses; Child Development, Child Nutrition, Child Mental Health, Child Health and Diseases, Art and Creativity in Children, Children's Literature and Media • Application in Special Education and Special Education • Learning and Teaching Techniques, Instrument Development in Education • Practice in Preschool Education Institutions
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
n the teacher assistant / pre-school teacher assistant program, the students who graduated from the Child Development program in line with the qualifications they gained; Ministry of National Education for girls technical and vocational high schools, primary and private schools and institutions of kindergarten, nursery, kindergarten, kindergarten, kindergarten, such as preschool education institutions, parent child centers, inpatient treatment institutions and children's homes connected to the Ministry of Family and Social Policies In private consultancy centers, children's publications and toys sectors, designers, rehabilitation centers, children's clubs, special education institutions and mainstreaming classes are employed.
Access to Further Studies
The graduates of the program are from the Faculties with DGS (Vertical Transition Exam), Horizontal and vertical transition can be made according to the related legislation of the building. universities • Faculty of Health Sciences, Child Development and Education, • Students can transfer to the Faculty of Education of the Department of Early Childhood Education
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Exams are based on the Adnan Menderes University, Koçarlı Vocational School, Education and examination directive. Total 3 exams are carried out with 1 quiz, 1 final and 1 makeup exam in 1 semester. Final grade is calculated by the summation of the 40 % of te quiz and 60 % of the final exam (or makeup exam). to be accepted successful ,the student has to get 60 pointsout of 100 .
Graduation Requirements
In order to graduate, students must fulfill the provisions of the related articles of Adnan Menderes University Koçarlı Vocational School Education and Examination Directive.
Work Placement
Students have to do practical training at the end of the II. or IV. semester with 30 working days.
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