Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Department of Social Work began to enroll undergraduate students. The head of department is Assist.Prof.Dr. Musa Ikizoglu.
Department of Social Work began to enroll undergraduate students.
To produce information and service models for the society's area of prosperity, which is convenient with the changing societal conditions.
To be an effective scientific institution that guides the dissemination of social work education and conducts researches and provide publications in universal standarts.
As a discipline and as a career, social work examines various complex activities in human relationships and the empowerment. It aims to provide he development of individual’s full potential and enrich its life and prevent malfunction. The social work profession promotes social change and problem solving.
Physical Infrastructure
Nazilli Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is situated in İsabeyli, twenty minutes far from Nazilli and has a three-block, 26-square-meter indoor spaced central building, which includes 15 lecture halls, 8 classes, 2 computer labs with 7/24 internet connection, 1 library, 1 canteen, 1 student and 1 staff dining hall besides a total of 80 office rooms 64 of which are allocated to the academic staff. Also, dormitories for boys and girls, 500 bed capacity for each are located near the central building.
Technical Infrastructure
IT and internet infrastructure in the faculty were designed to serve constantly to the academic and administrative staff via the desktop and laptop computers available in all Office rooms; hence, permanent Access to academic/scientific publications have been assured. Students, too, have the same opportunity by means of the computer labs open during educational terms. Students also use the internet Access of nearby cafes/restaurants.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue