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General Information
Children Health and Nursing Master's Program is in a partnership with the Institute of Health Sciences, Pamukkale University . The student must complete two years study acquiring 120 ECTS credits. Also, the students must successfully complete the seminar course and thesis work.
The program has been opened on 9 February 2010.
The program's missions are to train Msc who are sensitive to Individual, family and community health care , the needs and problems, who can apply the appropriate nursing approaches which are appropriate to the issues specific to the field of child health and nursing, and underlying concepts, principles and methods, who can do scientific researches , who can transfer the results of the researches to practice, who can use professional ethics, values and principles of child health and diseases.
To be a program that is contemporary , participatory, and preferred in pediatric nursing.
This program aims to train science experts with a sense of professional nursing, and the maintenance requirements of individuals, families and communities susceptible to health problems at national and international levels. The graduates are able to do scientific research on national and international levels, gain knowledge and skills of applications and are capable of transmitting the teaching of nursing procedures, and in using methods of pediatrics in the nursing field.
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