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Academic Information
Education System
Biochemistry (Veterinary) Doctorate - Regular Education
Education System
Describes the theory of basic biochemistry and clinical biochemistry, practices are performed. Biochemistry laboratory for diagnosis and treatment of diseases, provides information on the diagnosis
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
Between Change and Transition Programs Enstitisünün Adnan Menderes University Health Sciences Education and Examination shall be subject to relevant provisions of Directive.
Qualification Awarded
Specific Admission Requirements
PhD Program Student admission to the Council of Higher Education Regulations and Adnan Menderes University, Graduate Graduate Education is done according to the principles stipulated by the Regulation
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
Faculty horizontal / vertical transitions Enstitisünün Adnan Menderes University Health Sciences Education and Examination shall be subject to relevant provisions of Directive.
Profile of The Programme
The aim of the doctoral program; live life on chemistry, biology, health sciences, such as clinical, nutritional and scientific issues related to the environment and provide the necessary contributions Technologically area, work discipline, winning, and entrepreneurial capabilities with the objective to train qualified personnel. PhD program a maximum of 24 courses, at least eight courses, two seminars, exam, expertise consists of the course, and thesis. Seminars and special topics for thesis work, and success or failure of a non-credit basis.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Graduates, Universities, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, municipalities, private pharmaceutical companies, private klinikler'de can apply for a job.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Measurement and evaluation in quizzes, homework, midterm and final exams consist. This exams and assignments, lessons The success rate of the contribution of the courses varies with weight and ECTS have. To enter the student's final exam of the theoretical courses and at least 70% of the applications in the laboratory and must have participated in at least 80%.
Graduation Requirements
Students who are successful thesis defense, the other conditions by providing doctoral dissertation original bound copy of the thesis in pdf format saved eight of eight CD thesis examination within one month from the date of the delivery of the relevant institute. Found to be suitable in terms of shape EYK'nca graduate student graduation thesis is decided. Thesis does not meet the rules of spelling, writing again to be returned to the student by the Directorate of the Institute is known for an additional period up to one month. Appropriate correction of the thesis students are eligible for graduation
Work Placement
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