Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.A student who graduated from the Ph.D. program in Economics is a selected area of ??the economy achieves the title of doctor in this field by writing a thesis.
2.Economics doctoral graduates of public and private universities, especially as a faculty member or teaching assistant can be employed.
3.Completed his Ph.D. in Economics is a powerful analysis of macro and microeconomic issues are capable of
4.Graduates of this program by examining Turkey's economic policies and what policies they have important positions in determining which state is active.
5.Those with a doctoral degree in this program in Turkey educate themselves about financial markets and international financial markets.
6.Graduates of this program of economic thought, but to succeed in the examination of systems and influences of today's economic policies.
7.As a graduate of this program, doctoral students as knowledgeable about Turkey-EU economic relations and writing a dissertation on this subject, have an opportunity to make research
8.Development with the completion of the PhD program, students from the regions of Turkey are more successful in addressing social and economic diversity
9.Graduates of this program, entering the market as a doctor in the new economy, skilled labor force to examine the role of change dynamics and the state are described as new.
10.Graduates of this program to increase the development of knowledge and technology in Turkey by examining the actions will have information about the reflections of the economy.
11. Doctoral program in economics from the financial crisis is a challenge in assessing the student attended conferences in Turkey and become familiar with his academic studies.
12.Graduates of this program will also have information on monitoring Turkey's economic history.
13.Graduates of this program to completing his doctorate of economics as individuals who are trained in their own mediums are represented in the labor market.
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