Information Package / Course Catalogue
Academic Information
Education System
Curriculum and Instruction Doctorate - Regular Education
Education System
The students who have successfully completed a minimum of 24 local credits (60 ECTS) from thought courses delivered within the graduate programme of the department and in related fields, achieved a CGPA of at least 75 out of 100 and prepared and successfully defended a thesis are given given Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D) in Curriculum and Instruction
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
PhD students who have completed at least one semester at a graduate program in an equivalent institute of any higher education institution can be accepted to graduate programs.
Qualification Awarded
"Doctor of Science" in Curriculum and Instruction
Specific Admission Requirements
Being a graduate from Curriculum and Instruction Master Program, having master program grade point average at least 75, having foreign language (English) score of at least 55.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
The applications of students graduating from other higher education institutions inland or abroad are evaluated and determined once for all his/her education by the board of directors of the related unit in one week.
Profile of The Programme
It is aimed for academicians, administers, teachers and researchers studying in the field of teacher training and curriculum development and instruction to reach the information which they need for their professional development. Some of the topics studied in the program are those: Learning and Teaching Theories, Thinking Education, Human Rights and Democracy Education, Teacher's Competencies and Qualifications, Cooperative Learning, Classroom Management, Educational Administration, Comparative Education, Informal Education, Critical/Reflective/Creative Thinking, Modern Learning Theories, Drama in Educaiton and Instruction Plans in various fields. The department has 12 academicians: 2 professors, 1 associate professor doctor, 3 assistant professor doctors, 1 lecturer and 5 research assistants. There are 13 PhD students in 2012-2013 academic year.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Those graduating from Curriculum and Instruction PhD while working in any private or public organization can be appointed for a higher position or be useful as an expert. In addition, according to the legal regulations, one level advancement is given to those graduating from doctoral program while working in a public organization. Those graduating from curriculum and instruction doctoral program and not working any institution or organization are employed for any position. If they meet the necessary conditions, they can be employed as an academic personal by universities.
Access to Further Studies
To have high GPA and not to have failed course(s)
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Exams consist of midterm and final exam (%40 midterm and %60 final exam). To be successful in a course must be at least 75 points of the note. DOCTORATE 90-100 = AA = 4.00 85-89 = BA = 3.50 80-84 = BB = 3.00 75-79 = CB = 2.50 0-74 = FF = 0.00
Graduation Requirements
Completing minimum 24-credits (ECTS) courses; preparing an original thesis and presenting the thesis before the jury successfully.
Work Placement
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