Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.1. In Mathematics, natural sciences and mechanical engineering, department has the sufficient infrastructure; the ability to use the theoretical and practical information for engineering solutions
2.2. The ability to identify, define, and solve the formula for complex engineering problems; the ability to select and apply for the appropriate analytical methods and modelling techniques
3.3. To meet desired needs of a system, system component, or process, analysing and designing skill under realistic constraints; in this respect, the ability to apply the methods of modern design
4.4. The ability to use and choose modern techniques and tools for required engineering applications and; the ability to use information technology effectively
5.5. The ability to design the experiment, collect the data for the experiment and interpret to analysing results
6.6. The ability to use computer software and hardware information, access to information and other information sources
7.7. The ability to work individually and with multidisciplinary teams effectively, taking responsibility self-confidence for complex situations
8.8. The ability to communicate with foreign colleagues by having high level of foreign language knowledge in the field of engineering
9.9. Monitoring the science and technology developments and the ability to renew itself with innovative ideas constantly
10.10. Professional and ethical responsibility awareness
11.11. Having an adequate information and awareness in the subjects of occupational safety, occupational health, social security rights, quality control and management issues of environmental protection
12.12. The ability to appreciate the effects of engineering solutions and applications in universal and social dimensions
13.13. The ability to be enlightened to the experts or non-expert audience groups on the issues related with engineering problems and solutions written and oral
14.14. The ability to have adequate knowledge and skills in the project development and application, manage the activities planning, including the projects to the employees having the responsibility of the project by increasing vocational awareness
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue