Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1. To be able to develop and deepen in the level of expertise with original thinking and / or research in recent and advanced information in the midwifery area as based on midwifery postgraduate qualification, and to create the original definitions bring innovation to the area, to evaluate and use new information in a systematic approach
2.To be able to develop the new / known idea, method and / or application included innovation to the midwifery science and art using the mental processes as creative and critical thinking, problem solving and decision making, to applies to the different area, to make the critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation of new and complex ideas.
3.To be able to use strategic decision-making processes in the solution of problems related midwifery, to adopted and practice continuous professional development and lifelong learning policy.
4.To be able to understand the interaction between disciplines associated with midwifery, to reaches the original results using the information requiring expertise in the analysis, synthesis and evaluation of the new and complex ideas.
5.To be able to has the experience ability of working with other health care disciplines, to make the leadership in interdisciplinary problem solving, to discuss with experts putting out original ideas issues in the field and to use the effective communication showing her competence.
6.To be able to contribute to the solution of social, scientific, cultural and ethical problems encountered in the issues related with midwifery, and support the development of these values.
7.To be able to know the importance of ethical principles and ethics committee for the individual and society, examine and develop governing norms social relations and these relationships with a critical perspective, and if it is necessary, manage action to change.
8.To be able to contribute to advances in the field performing independently an original work developing the new idea, method, design and / or application coming innovation to the midwifery science and art or implementing a known idea, method, design and / or application to a different area.
9.To be able to follow up evidence-based practices and to conduct researches related to professional practice to create evidence in their field.
10.To be able to has knowledge and skills in high-level about statistics the methods used in the midwifery researches, and select, implement and interpret the correct statistical methods in her research, evaluate a scientific article in terms of research methods and statistics.
11.To be able to writ report of the research that she participate, contribute to knowledge in the field presenting at least one scientific article national / international accepted by a peer-reviewed publications in journals and / or presenting at scientific meetings.
12.To be able to have knowledge and skills to use advanced computers, other technological tools and specific to the device required for midwifery area, and to develop creative solutions to a problem.
13.To be able to use current developments and information in the field of health to benefit of society in the direction of mothers, babies, family, national values and the realities of the country, contribute to be the information society and the process of maintain it by introducing the development his society.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue