Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Based on nursing graduate qualification, improves the level of expertise knowledge in surgical nursing, deepens and reaches the original definition which will bring science to innovation
2.Understands the interaction between the various disciplines in the field of nursing, new and complex ideas, analysis, synthesis and evaluation using information that requires expertise in reaching the original results
3.Approaches in a systematic way for new information about the nursing field and gains high-level skills in research methods in the field
4.Develops a new scientific method bringing innovations in science or applies a known method to a different area, searches for a specific topic, designs and implements
5.Expands the boundaries of knowledge in the field published in national and / or international peer-reviewed journals in the feel of Surgical Nursing
6.Can make original and interdisciplinary leadership in contexts that require solving problems.
7.Develops a solution method for a problem in the field of surgical nursing and fictionalizes independently
8.Can communicate effectively showing the defense efficiency expert opinion within the original community.
9.Finds solutions to develop new strategic approaches, unpredictable complex situations encountered in practice in the field of Surgical diseases nursing
10.Manners current developments and own studies in the field and outside groups in written, oral and visual in a systematic way in Surgical nursing field
11.Communicates at least one European language in B2 that is the general level of oral and written portfolio(“European Language Portfolio Global Scale”, Level B2)
12.Uses advanced communication technologies with information on the required level of computer software in the field of nursing and surgical diseases together
13.Plans implementation on issues related to the field of nursing, and evaluate the framework of quality processes of surgical disease and obtaines to develop this results
14.Shares values about stages of the nursing field data collection, interpretation and dissemination related to surgical diseases by taking into consideration the scientific and ethical values
15.Applies internalized knowledge and problem-solving skills in the field of surgical nursing in interdisciplinary studies
16.Adheres to the social, scientific and professional ethics
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue