Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Has a deep and broad knowledge about the field and the interdisciplinary area related with the field through the achievements gained in undergraduate and professional levels.
2.Has the knowledge to create original ideas, analyze them and develop definition/product/diagnosis methods by using the knowledge gained in undergraduate and/or professional experience, when needed.
3.Attain the ability to perform experimental methods in the field, obtain skills in advanced biophysical methods, produce new approaches and ability to produce analytical solutions to the problems faced during application of new methods
4.Student makes verbal and writing communication using one foreign language at least B2 level in European language portfolio
5.Attain knowledge on information technology tools, technical equipment and devices used in the field of physiology; being able to use statistical, computational and communicational tools which can be applied in the field of physiology
6.Student can write report of the researches he/she made or participated and publishes it in an internationally accepted refereed journal or presents it in academic meetings
7.To learn the laws and regulations both national and international in the field of physiology.
8.To gain ability to apply the principles and fundamentals of scientific ethical rules.
9.Designs and develops scientific methodology for the advanced level/newly defined/emerged problems about the field.
10. Implements and defends institutional and practical information and abilities in accordance with the needs of the country and the world, and changes when necessary.
11.Student has information on statistics, uses related soft wares efficiently, chooses correct statistical methods while making researches, has the skills to calculate and comment.
12.Obtain knowledge and experience on scientific and ethical approach about the use of laboratory animals for research purposes
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue