Information Package / Course Catalogue
Turkish Language I
Course Code: TD103
Course Type: Required
Couse Group: Short Cycle (Associate's Degree)
Education Language: Turkish
Work Placement: N/A
Theory: 2
Prt.: 0
Credit: 2
Lab: 0
Objectives of the Course

This course aims to teach students the basic skills of understading and expression, allow reading and analysis of texts, teach the methods of preparing projects and useful methods of preparing essays and presentations and also to allow the students to acquire the ability to correctly use Turkish in terms of language- thought in written and verbal expressions.

Course Content

Types and features of written and verbal expressions, presentations of their samples, problems with expression and sentence structure in Turkish.

Name of Lecturer(s)
Lec. Yüksel GİRGİN
Ins. Birsen DOĞAR
Ins. Cevriye FADILOĞLU
Ins. Fatma SİNECEN
Ins. Gökhan TÜRK
Ins. Hamza ÖZKAN
Ins. Metin POLAT
Ins. Mustafa EROL
Learning Outcomes
1.To be able to obtain general information about essays and skills of planning to be used in essay writing
2.To be able to use words and word groups in an effective way in written and verbal expressions
3.To be able to understand the importance of correct word order in Turkish
4.To be able to apply problem-solving methods to chosen sentences and pieces from works of literature and books
5.To be able to learn the defining characteristics of literature and distinguish the similarities and differences of these types
6.To gain the ability to use Turkish as a tool for written and verbal expressions
7.1. To learn that Turkish is one of the world’s important languages and examples of important literary works in this language
8.To allow active participation in their educational period by giving responsibility
Recommended or Required Reading
Weekly Detailed Course Contents
Week 1 - Theoretical
Definition of language, basic characteristics of Turkish language, language-culture relation and language culture carrier characteristic. The difference of speech and writing.
Week 2 - Theoretical
The place and characteristics of Turkic people among the world languages, the historical periods and important works of Turkish language.
Week 3 - Theoretical
Punctuation marks: The use and importance of punctuation marks.
Week 4 - Theoretical
Writing rules: Writing some additions and prepositions. Custom names, numbers, spelling of quotes. Places where upper and lower case letters are used
Week 5 - Theoretical
Official correspondence: Petition, minutes. Practice on these types
Week 6 - Theoretical
Official correspondence. Report, business letter, essay. Practice on these species.
Week 7 - Theoretical
Current expression disturbances at word level.
Week 8 - Theoretical
Expression disturbances at sentence level.
Week 9 - Theoretical
Creating paragraphs I
Week 10 - Theoretical
Paragraph creation II
Week 11 - Theoretical
Paragraph analysis.
Week 12 - Theoretical
Creating text about the field
Week 13 - Theoretical
Review of criticism and evaluation writing.
Week 14 - Theoretical
Writing criticism and evaluation writing.
Week 15 - Theoretical
Final exam
Assessment Methods and Criteria
Type of AssessmentCountPercent
Final Examination1%100
Workload Calculation
ActivitiesCountPreparationTimeTotal Work Load (hours)
Lecture - Theory140228
Individual Work2228
Final Examination1617
Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes
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