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General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Mustafa ÇETİN
Head of Division
Technology management activities related to the organization's strategic goals and objectives and in achieving in shaping the technical capacity planning, development and management for use, making the connection between science and engineering is a management approach that enables. According to the U.S. National Research Council report, Technology management, "an organization's strategic and tactical goals and achieving them is needed in shaping the technological capacity planning, development and implementation" is defined as.
Our university was established by Law No. 3837, dated July 3, 1992 as one of 23 universities began operations in November 10, 1992. Establishment of our university in the law; Arts and Humanities, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture, including five faculty; 3 Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management School and Recycling Vocational School while taking part; currently our university with 11 faculties, 3 institutes, 6 schools, 17 vocational schools, 1 State Conservatory, a total of 56 academic units with 18 Application and Research Center in an institution of higher education that has become.
Have enough information, based on ethical values??, social responsibility advanced, rational, creative, productive and capable of monitoring the developments in the world, national and global issues that can detect and solutions and connected to Atatürk's principles to train graduates and researchers. To develop solutions to national and global issues, countries will contribute to the development and universal science project to produce and perform original research. Sensitive to the needs of society and the environment, high standard, high quality, reliable and fast service. Towards a technology management company with technological developments and what they predict will lead to investment required, as well as production, according to these developments can edit it.
Education, research and services in the areas of domestic and overseas well-known , contemporary, participants , staff and students honored to be heard and to be a preferred program .
In the program, to the field of technology yömeti to meet the unique needs graduates with the necessary equipment is expected to be given. In this context, the proposed Master of Science in Technology Management Program, the most important way to capture the competitive advantage of businesses who are in need of trained manpower is a program which aims to train managers and professionals.
Physical Infrastructure
For education and research in our faculty which has been allocated to students in a computer lab of 42 ( forty-two ) computer with internet connection is available. Also on the campus Internet access is available online . Each faculty member in the department of officers who have been assigned to it there is a computer with internet and printer .
Technical Infrastructure
Our faculty of graduate and undergraduate students can use 2 (two) computer lab and has a total of 42 computers . All computers in the campus will be open to the use of graduate students . Our students have unlimited access at any time from this computer . Class is scheduled to graduate in the presentation of various equipment such as computers and projectors are fixed .
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