Information Package / Course Catalogue
Research Method and Techniques
Course Code: HIT217
Course Type: Required
Couse Group: Short Cycle (Associate's Degree)
Education Language: Turkish
Work Placement: N/A
Theory: 2
Prt.: 0
Credit: 2
Lab: 0
Objectives of the Course

The aim of this course is to provide the students with the ability of researching, report preparation and presentation in front of an audience, related to a particular subject and within the framework of particular rules. Besides, students will improve their theoretical and practical skills related to their chosen topic for the thesis.

Course Content

Scientific research methods- data collection methods- data analysis methods- rules of scientific report writing- effective presentation techniques- individual research

Name of Lecturer(s)
Learning Outcomes
1.Having the necessary experience to be able to make a research on any subject in the field of agricultural economics, covering the steps of problem definition, establishment of hypostasis, data collection, analysis, syntheses, interpretation and putting forward solutions.…
2.To learn scientific report writing techniques
Recommended or Required Reading
1.Lecturer's Notes
Weekly Detailed Course Contents
Week 1 - Theoretical
Course description, requirements and principles
Week 2 - Theoretical
Definition and content of scientific research
Week 3 - Theoretical
Steps of Scientific Research
Week 4 - Theoretical
Types of Research and Data Collection Methods
Week 5 - Theoretical
Data Collection and Sampling Methods
Week 6 - Theoretical
Literature Review
Week 7 - Theoretical
Preparation of an Outline and Essays of Outlining
Week 8 - Intermediate Exam
Week 9 - Theoretical
Preparation of Questionnaires
Week 10 - Theoretical
Preparation of Tables and Graphics, Calculation of Mean, Percentage and Index Values
Week 11 - Theoretical
Formal Structure of Research Report
Week 12 - Theoretical
Source Demonstration Methods
Week 13 - Theoretical
Effective Presentation Techniques and Using Visual Materials
Week 14 - Theoretical
Individual Study
Week 15 - Theoretical
Individual Study
Assessment Methods and Criteria
Type of AssessmentCountPercent
Midterm Examination1%40
Final Examination1%60
Workload Calculation
ActivitiesCountPreparationTimeTotal Work Load (hours)
Lecture - Theory141242
Midterm Examination1516
Final Examination1516
Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes
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