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General Information
Unit Coordinators
Ins. Çağlar ALTAY
Erasmus Coordinator
Ins. Çağlar ALTAY
Mevlana Coordinator
Ins. Çağlar ALTAY
Placement (Internship) Coordinator
Furniture and Decoration Program In 2000-2001 Academic Year Adnan Menderes University started to educate and educate as a formal education in the field of Vocational School of Aydın and since 2005-2006 has been continuing education and teaching services as both formal and secondary education. Each year, 60 students are enrolled in our program, 30 students are organized and 30 students are secondary education, and they are opened every year in 2 (two) additional quota. In our program, there are 1 (one) Cad-cam laboratory, 1 (one) Technical Drawing Workshop, 1 (one) student workshop with 862 m2 closed area, Projection classes are available and education and training services are continuing with three teaching staff.
Materials and Materials Processing Technologies Department was established in 2011-2012 academic year. Department Furniture and Decoration Program is available.
To achieve success with the understanding of management that gives priority to participation and creativity based on tolerance and individual happiness in the libertarian environment while carrying out education-training and production services.
To be the best and reputable educational institution in the field, privileged between qualities and vocational colleges, preferred by students, desired of graduates.
In the field of furniture design and production and interior design, it is necessary to educate the furniture industry with sufficient knowledge and skills in the design offices and to have the title of technician in the role of leadership and managerial role in large, medium or small scale enterprises. At the same time,
Physical Infrastructure
In our furniture decoration workshop, which has an area of approximately 860 m2, the production machines with today's technology; Panel Sizing, Milling and Edge Banding, Drawing Circular Saws, Band Saw, Planing Machine, Thickness Machine, Vertical and Horizontal Milling Machines, Hole and Multi Hole (MiniFix) (4 x 4), Machine, Table and Door Press, Band Grinding Machine There are enough hand tools, many hand tools and carpentry workbenches for student applications.   has the equipment and equipments necessary for massive and panel furniture production.
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