Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to use theoretical and practical knowledge related to Garment Manufacturing Technology
2.To carry out brand management, marketing and promotional activities related to Garment ManufacturingTechnology
3.Having the skills of data collection, research report preparation and presentation for the research, preparing the project
4.Being able to plan the processes / processes related to Garment Manufacturing Technology to meet the expectations of the sector, to be able to make business organization, production plan and control, prepare working instructions
5.To be able to determine textile raw materials and surface properties, to choose garment auxiliary materials, to be able to control materials
6.To be able to carry out steps of pattern preparation, grading, pattern layout preparation
7.To be able to use necessary equipments and machines for applications related to Garment Manufacturing Technology and to make adjustments and maintenance
8.To be able to use computer aided pattern and design programs, production applications in Garment Manufacturing Technology
9.Having the ability to manage and organize business by creating the idea of establishing a business in the field
10.To be able to create a model by applying technical drawings of clothing and basic arts education
11.To be able to realize basic sewing techniques, production stages of women's, men's and children's wear
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