Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Write and pronounce medical terms correctly.
2.Collect data of medical statistics and report the results periodically after analyzing them scientifically.
3.Learn basic structure of human body and important system diseases.
4.Know principles and rules of medical secretaryship. Protect patients? rights and privacy.
5.Use Turkish and body language in a correct and effective way.
6.Run internal and external correspondence of the foundation, keep the files of the documents after classification, organize them and archive in line with filing techniques.
7.Establish verbal and written communication inside the foundation and out of foundation.
8. Make the coding procedure of diseases and health problems according to existing international classification systems.
9.Run the counseling services for patients and their relatives.
10.Solve the problems that are encountered in work life quickly and effectively.
11.Use the necessary equipment for professional practices such as computer and office devices effectively.
12. Improve professional knowledge and skills continuously.
13.Executes any patient registration-documentation processes
14.Makes archiving operations
15.Prepares medical documents
16.Knows Turkish history and Atatürk's revolutions.
17.Adapt to team work in application areas.
18.Knows and defines diseases.
19. Have general information about the world and biological formations.
20.English speaking writer
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue