Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Canan HAZIR
Department Head
Ins. Hayriye Nurcan SÖBÜTAY
Vice Head of Department
Ins. Nesrin OĞURLU
Vice Head of Department
Unit Coordinators
Prof. Canan HAZIR
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
Prof. Canan HAZIR
Farabi Coordinator
To be able to train medical laboratory technicians to work in own profession in the organizations which are providing services related to environment such as Governmental and Private Medical Institutions, Municipalities, Laboratories on the Analysis of the Different Ministries, Treatment Plants.
In 2006 - 2007 academic year, the students were included first time as environment program. The program name was changed to Environmental Health in according to the letter (it’s date: 27. 04. 2009 and number: 1916 - 012232)of The Council of Higher Education. Environmental Health Program currently provides training.
Our mission as Medical Services Vocational School is: To be able to train the intermediate qualified people who will work in the field of health. They have the following features: have received basic vocational education, have gained necessary skills about using of knowledge and technology, will contribute to the assessment of national resources in the most efficient manner while taking into consideration the interests of the country, appropriate for expectations of employer, recognize and introduce the values of Turkish society. Same time, to do in activities to increase the public awareness by providing training and consulting services.
To be able to educate students who will adapt to the constantly changing and renewed global circumstances technology, perceives to the needs of the age, will adopt regional and national issues. To be able to become a college that is chosen in the first order with the quality of education and training.
To be able to train the technicians for the agencies and organizations such as public and private hospitals, clinics, laboratories providing services in the health and the environment areas.
Physical Infrastructure
Our school building is 4-stories, and has 3500 m2 covered area. There are one lecture theatre, four classrooms, one simulation laboratory, one computer laboratory, ten studying rooms, one cafeteria, and one mess hall of the students – staffs in the unit.
Technical Infrastructure
Students’ Affair System (OBIS), Academic Knowledge System (AKBIS), Budget Allocations System (e-Budget), Chattel Recording and Tracking System (KIND-PRO), the Registrar Automation System is used. There are twenty-eight Desktops, four Portable Computers, thirteen Printers, seven Projectors, one Slide machine, five Overheads, one Bar code reader, one Copy machine, two Scanners, and four microscopes in the unit.
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