Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to have sufficient back ground in medical laboratory techniques and medical laboratory branches (biochemistry, microbiology,parasitology,sitogenetiketc.);the ability to use theoretical and practical knowledge in these fields.
2.To be able to have the basic theoretical and practical knowledgeand other resources have been supported applications and tools based on secondary-level qualifications gained in the field of Medical Laboratory Techniques Program to-date text boks containing formations
3.To be able to have basic knowledge about structure and function of systems in human, to analyse these data on tissue, cell and diseases.
4.To be able to analyse the medical samples necessary for physicians by using tools, equipment and techniques at the diagnostic and the rapeutic laboratories of health agencies and evaluate the data.
5.To be able to use the medical laboratoy tools and equipments according to rules and technics, and make controls and maintenance of them
6.To be able to perform basic tests of related different medical laboratories, prepare solutions.
7.To be able to perform proper sample collection and transport procedures for the medical laboratory tests from the patient.
8.To be able to perform preanalytical sample preparation procedure, prepare inspection preparations, perform disinfection and sterilization
9.To be able to interpret and evaluate data, define and analyze problems, develop solutions based on research and proofs by using acquired basic knowledge and skills with in the field.
10.To be able to have knowledge about work organization and carry out related practice in medical laboratories
11.To be able to carry out laboratory safety protocols, take individual safety precaution and create safe laboratory environment.
12.To be able to gain the ability to apply by viewing and evaluating the processes related to his/her fields in public and private sector.
13.To be able to gain the awareness of the necessity of life long learning, ability to follow developments in science and technology and self-renewal.
14.To be able to help laboratory experts and medical scientists for their researches
15.To be able to be aware of individual and public health, environmental protection and job security issues, under standing the basic level of the relationship.
16.To be able to grasp principles of Atatürk and there volutions, to ensurenational, ethical, spiritual and cultural values, to adopt to universal and contemporary developments
17.To be able to communicate efficiently for medical service and speak Turkish efficiently.
18.To be able to communicate in English at basic level, utilize foreign language on occupational practice
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue