Information Package / Course Catalogue
Course Code: HAT257
Course Type: Non Departmental Elective
Couse Group: Short Cycle (Associate's Degree)
Education Language: Turkish
Work Placement: N/A
Theory: 2
Prt.: 0
Credit: 2
Lab: 0
Objectives of the Course

Aim of this course is to help students to gain informations about protocol for their future life both in proffesional and social environments. In this manner, they are going to learn how to execute proper behaviors in the righr place at the right time.

Course Content

Formation and Historical Development of the Code of Social Conduct, Definition of the Protocol and the Rules of the Main Protocol to be Followed in Any Relationship, Clothing and Personal Care. State, Military, Diplomatic, Capital and Provincial, District Protocols (Priority Sequences), Rules Regulating Social Life, Rules Regulating Business Life.

Name of Lecturer(s)
Ins. Yıldırım TOPRAK
Learning Outcomes
1.To be able to implement protocol requirements.
2.To be able to manage personal image.
3.To be able to interprit effects of protocol rules on social behaviors.
4.To be able to analyze relationship between state and protocol rules.
5.To have the competence to take part in official ceremony organization.
Recommended or Required Reading
1.Aytürk, Nihat (2018); Protokol ve Sosyal Davranış Kuralları, Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık.
2.Altınöz, Mehmet; Tutar, Hasan ve Bayraktar, Kadir (2006) Protokol Bilgisi, Nobel Yayınları.
Weekly Detailed Course Contents
Week 1 - Theoretical
Concept Protocol, the Protocol Definition of Concept, Importance and Scope, in the world and in Turkey Protocol History
Week 2 - Theoretical
Rules of Decency, Courtesy, Etiquette and Grace
Week 3 - Theoretical
Protocol Lists: State Protocol List Applied in Ankara, Protocol List Applied in Provinces, Protocol List of Honor Hall of Foreign Guests
Week 4 - Theoretical
Rules Regulating Social Life: Individual Society Relationship and Social Roles in Social Life, Importance of Regulatory Rules in terms of Social Peace, Protocol Applied in Public and Closed Environments
Week 5 - Theoretical
Rules Regulating Business Life: Organizational Hierarchy and Protocol Rules in Business Life, Effects of Rules Regulating Business Life on Job Satisfaction and Labor Peace
Week 6 - Theoretical
Protocol in Institutions and Organizations: Greetings, Meetings and Meetings, Greetings, Handshake Etc.
Week 7 - Theoretical
Protocol in Written and Oral Communication: Business Card Protocol, Forms of Address in Letters, Signature, Speech and Listening Protocol
Week 8 - Intermediate Exam
Midterm Exam
Week 9 - Theoretical
Relationship between Personal Image Management and Protocol
Week 10 - Theoretical
Protocol in Communication: Business Card Protocol, Forms of Address in Letters, Signature, Speech and Listening Protocol
Week 11 - Theoretical
Protocol on Vehicles, Exterior Protocol, Starting and Leaving Protocol
Week 12 - Theoretical
Opening, Protocol Rules in Ceremonies and Speeches, Flag Protocol
Week 13 - Theoretical
Meeting Protocol
Week 14 - Theoretical
Invitation and Visit Protocol: Meals, Gifts, Flowers, etc.
Week 15 - Theoretical
Protocol in the Relationship between Manager and Secretary
Week 16 - Final Exam
Final Exam
Week 17 - Final Exam
Final Exam
Assessment Methods and Criteria
Type of AssessmentCountPercent
Midterm Examination1%40
Final Examination1%60
Workload Calculation
ActivitiesCountPreparationTimeTotal Work Load (hours)
Lecture - Theory142256
Midterm Examination1819
Final Examination19110
Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes
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