Information Package / Course Catalogue
Academic Information
Education System
Cattle and Small Animal Breeding - Regular Education
Cattle and Small Animal Breeding - Second Shift Education
Education System
Bovine and Small Animal Breeding Program provides training in a 2-year Associate's Degree.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
Change and transitions between programs, apply the provisions of the relevant provisions of Adnan Menderes University Bozdogan Vocational School's Education and Examination Directive.
Qualification Awarded
Animal Breeding Technician
Specific Admission Requirements
Admission and registration requirements for this program are within the scope of the Turkish Higher Education Law. Vocational high school graduates in the program area within the quota of the program are accepted without examination. According to the Higher Education Entrance Examination is empty quotas placed on a standard high school graduates. Placement is made by OSYM. The recording conditions are the same as Entry System for Higher Education.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
Horizantal/vertical transitions on the program apply the provisions of the relevant provisions of Adnan Menderes University Bozdogan Vocational School's Education and Examination Directive.
Profile of The Programme
Bovine and small animal nutrition, animal husbandry and breeding of entering into the work area veterinarian and animal science, animal origin, food safety, animal feeding and breeding areas, and equipped with the necessary information that will help the vet to train technical manpower.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
• Food, open to staff of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (with KPSS) • Private veterinary clinics and polyclinics • Municipalities • Agricultural Cooperatives • Breeding associations • Cattle, sheep and poultry farming enterprises • Feed and feed additives, manufacturing and marketing enterprises • Pharmaceutical Companies
Access to Further Studies
Two-year graduates of this program, conducted by OSYM can continue to Faculties of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science at the end of the vertical transition exam. In addition, all graduates from the third class sections of the Economics and Business Administration of Open Education Faculty can continue.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
The students each semester, 1 midterm exam, 1 final exam and 1 make-up exams are entitled to one. In order to be successful in a course, 40% of midterm exam points with 60% of final exam or make-up exam points is collected. This should be at least 60 of total. In addition, final exam or make-up exam must score at least 50.
Graduation Requirements
The program is available (for a total of 120 ECTS) successfully complete all courses, must be at least 60 points from 100 diploma grade and students who successfully complete the professional internship in 30 working days to be entitled to Associate's degree.
Work Placement
Internships, under the management and responsibility of School-Industry Coordinator; relevant departments of Adnan Menderes University, subsidiaries ministries, registered and the relevant professional chambers in the country and abroad, Bozdogan Vocational School graduate or undergraduate programs, at least to those skilled in running the appropriate offices, workshops, businesses, Bozdogan Vocational School staff specialist graduate degree programs in front of the appropriate person or at least containing master trainer is carried out in organizations. Internship period is 30 working days.
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