Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1. To be able to possess theoretical and practical competence on formation in communication field in general and in Public Relations and Advertising field in particular while learning the historical and transformative process about the field.
2.To be able to own an ability to determine the contemporary problems about the field and to solve these problems by using the richness of the interdisiplinary property of the communication field.
3.To be able to possess a competence to carry the accumulation of the interdisiplinary knowlenge to the Public Relations and Advertising field and in this context to solve the problems in the field.
4.To be able to possess a knowledge on ethical and legal rules about the field and to have an ability to apply these rules.
5.To be able to widen the knowledge about the field by using the foreign language and to have an ability to communicate with international stake holders.
6.To be able to use competence on computer softwares about the field and on the other communication technologies.
7. To be able to prepare programmes/campaings and process on public relations, advertising and marketing for an organization.
8. To be able to analyse the contents of the news, advertising, etc. and to prepare innovative and critical contents in the field.
9. To be able to apply the ethical and legal rules that students learned while exercising the occupation.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue