Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.The restoration, structural information, the matters required by the construction technology and infrastructure areas have sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge in this field and win.
2.Using the basic level of knowledge and skills acquired in the field, interpret and evaluate data, identify problems, analyze, would have the ability to develop solutions based on evidence.
3.Restoration terminology, values that protect the basic principles for the identification and protection purposes, the protection will have information about the evolution of understanding and methods.
4.The causes of deterioration tile works, to be implemented between the restoration and conservation methods and have the basic information about the techniques.
5.modern techniques required for applications related to the field, tools, and you can select and use information technology effectively.
6.Drawing to gain the perspective necessary, plans, sections, elevations, have knowledge about perspective drawings and descriptions, at various scales, section, learn how to view details and to review the project.
7.The concept of traditional crafts, periods, techniques, materials, and have knowledge about the historical development.
8.When faced with unforeseen situations in the field of application to produce solutions, won the individual to take responsibility in the team or work ability.
9.By using computer-related applications and commands used in the project drawings, studies measuring the output settings and make applications work on the plan.
10.Labor law and occupational safety, environmental protection and quality have the consciousness.
11.Archaeological research methods, have knowledge about excavation methods and types. drawing museum in presentation material examination of the legislation in the application of archeology and artifacts within the scope of the documentation and cataloging acquire knowledge and skills.
12.Survey, restoration, knows the basic principles and methods in restitution and conservation. The history of restoration and will have the necessary information about the current restoration techniques applied in the world.
13.building materials that are used in historical buildings, construction techniques, have a general knowledge about the causes of deterioration and preservation techniques.
14.Wood will have a basic knowledge of the causes of deterioration and take necessary protection methods.
15.on Traditional Turkish House Architecture; The origin of Turkish houses, regional specialties, plan types, building systems, construction materials, will have information about the features and facade decorations.
16.have knowledge about perspective drawings and descriptions, at various scales, section, learn how to view details and to review the project.
17.control services in buildings, unit price and description analysis, excavation, and will have information about transportation and accounting affairs.
18.He gains the ability to conduct research.
19.The creation of an architectural project and all the architectural layout of the project and learn the making of three-dimensional computer drawings of the visual.
20.They have to respect the historical value of professional ethics.
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