Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Have basic theoretical knowledge and skills in accounting and tax areas
2.The accounting and consultancy firm providing services in accounting, finance and accounting departments to meet the needs of the public or private sector organizations have the ability to think analytically and solve problems, be qualified accounting staff
3.To use at least one of the software packages related to accounting fluent
4.To follow the regulations related to the profession and have the basic legal information
5.Identify the data required for accounting for businesses, the ability to effectively collect and save
6.To be able to keep accounting records necessary to analyze financial transactions
7.General accounting, end of period accounting, cost accounting, and companies, understand and apply accounting control issues
8.Understand the obligations of a responsible and have knowledge about taxes and tax Turkish Tax System
9.By understanding and interpreting the problems of the profession, ideas orally or in writing, to express clearly
10.Knowledge they have taken in relation to the profession and to apply in a real business environment by identifying problems, interpret data and have the ability to analyze,
11.Professional and ethical responsibilities, understand the importance of job security
12.Be aware of the importance of following the regulations related to the profession
13.Correspondence related to the field can make using a computer, to store the information and use the stored information
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue