Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Theoretical knowledge in the field of public administration and local governments to use in working life and lifelong learning to be conscious.
2.To have the ability to use the functions of local government, public administration to adapt to contemporary approaches
3.Problems encountered in professional practice to identify, analyze and propose solutions to have the ability to bring.
4.Professional legal regulations to be equipped, and keep track of changes, use the.
5.Local and collective needs, expectations, and to have knowledge about efficient service delivery.
6.urkish political life, political orientations, political power, political culture and to have competence in matters of contemporary political ideologies.
7.Understanding of contemporary urbanism, urban planning, urban land management, housing and environmental issues and policies to be competent.
8.Decentralization, local democracy and civil society to gain competence on a case.
9.Having the necessary values in the field of professional ethics; written-verbal communication and correspondence with the field of information-communication technologies and be able to use.
10.Land use plans, zoning laws and regulations to have knowledge of subjects covered.
11. The process of globalization and the country's internal dynamics, to analyze the process of democratization.
12. The Constitution, fundamental rights and freedoms, civil servants, law and public law legislation have sufficient knowledge about professional ethics.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue