Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Using the basic knowledge and skills acquired in his/her field of study, to have the ability to evaluate and interpret the data, to define and analyze the problems, to make solution suggestions based on evidence and proofs.
2.To choose and use efficiently contemporary techniques and means as well as information technologies required for the applications related to the field of study.
3.The ability to apply the processes related to industrial and service sector by examining.
4.To gain the ability to produce solutions to unforeseen situations, take responsibility in teams and to have the skill to conduct individual works.
5.To achieve an awareness of the necessity of lifelong learning and consistently self-improving besides of following the developments in science and technology.
6. To become skillful at using computer hardware and software in a baseline level required by the field of study.
7. To be aware of Business Law, Job Security, environmental protection and quality concepts.
8.To have a command of communication skills and foreign language in order to communicate efficiently and follow the latest developments in his/her field of study.
9. Acquiring enough conceptual and applied knowledge in Mathematics, Science and Basic Engineering issues related to his/her field.
10. To plan the processes in automotive technology field to meet the expectations of the sector.
11.To become skillful at making designs by means of technical and computer-aided drawings and simulation programs, and by using various software programs to be able to choose systems and components required in by the field apart from making the basic sizing computations and drawing the architectural and static projects and details.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue