Information Package / Course Catalogue
Academic Information
Education System
Computer - Aided Design and Animation - Regular Education
Computer - Aided Design and Animation (İÖ) - Second Shift Education
Education System
Lessons are given in a term, provided education is evaluated by midterm, final and make up exams. Student to graduate from the program must be passed all the courses of the program, a minimum of 120 ECTS credits and 30 working days are required to intern.
Qualification Awarded
Students that successfully complete the program take the Associate Diploma in the field of Computer.
Specific Admission Requirements
Admission of the students to the program is done with a central examination system performed by OSYS according to the regulation of (YOK). Students, after applying for the programs that they want to get education, are placed to the programs according to the results of examination by OSYM.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
Students studying in Adnan Menderes University Soke Vocational High School can be exempt from some of the courses according to the some of the regulations. Students can be exempt from a course when the contents of a course taken in another institute/school/university is in accordance with a course given at Soke Vocational High School and when it is approved by the management of the high school.
Profile of The Programme
Computer industry is renovating and improving itself everyday like every other improving industries. Program students should complete their education and also prepare themselves to be openminded for renovation and improvements. It is aimed to give Computer Aided Design and Animation students such an education so that they are openminded for renovation and improvements when they graduate. The opportunities of the program are renewed continouosly to provide students to get an education as aimed. Also university – industry cooperation is increased every year. The workshop in the program is available so the students have the opportunity to make applications of what they learned.
Access to Further Studies
Students graduated form this program can continue their education in graduate level in accordance with the determined rules.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Courses are given in terms and the education given is assessed by the midterm, end-term exams and completion exams. Assessment and evaluation is done in accordance with the pre-graduate and graduate education examination regulation of Adnan Menderes University.
Graduation Requirements
To graduate, a student must pass all the courses, get 120 AKTS credit and assume the situation of internship for 30 workdays.
Work Placement
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