Information Package / Course Catalogue
Academic Information
Education System
Public Relations and Publicity - Regular Education
Education System
Department of Marketing and Foreign Trade Public Relations and Advertising Programme
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
The students graduating from this programme can continue undergraduate programme in accordance with specified rules.
Qualification Awarded
The students fulfilling all the requirements of the programme successfully get the “ Associate Diploma in the field of Public Relations and Advertising
Specific Admission Requirements
Within the framework of the regulations determined by Higher Education Institution, admission of the students is allowed by central exam system named Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYS). After reporting their programme preferences in which they want to enroll, the students are placed to the related programme by Student Selection and Placement Center in accordance with their scores.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
The students of Adnan Menderes University Söke Vocational School might be exempt from some courses under certain regulations. If the content of the course taken by another institution is relavant to the content of the course by Söke Vocational School and if it’s approved by the Directorate of Vocational School, the student can be exempt from this course.
Profile of The Programme
The programme educates versatile public relations practitioners having the knowledge,skill,ability and experience in the field of public relations and promotion, being able to manage the interpersonal and organizational process, knowing the value of commucation ethics, being aware of the national and international changes and developments related to the occupation and adjusting them in their fields, having the qualifications about information-communication technologies, being modern and thinking analytically.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Graduates have the opportunity to work in public and private sector organizations. Nowadays, the graduates who are involved in the “Public Relations” departments of almost every organizations can work in advertising agencies and in classified-advertising services or they can set up and operate public relation firms and advertising agencies.
Access to Further Studies
The students graduating from this programme can continue undergraduate programme in accordance with specified rules.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Courses are offered each semester, and they are evaluated with a mid-term , final and make-up examinations. Assessment and evaluation are carried out in accordance with Adnan Menderes University graduate and undergraduate education and examination regulation
Graduation Requirements
Students to graduate from the programme are required to pass all the courses of the programme, to have minimum 120 ECTS and to provide 30 working days of internship
Work Placement
30 working days of intership are required.
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