Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To recognize health system
2.Work organization
3.Apply emergency care in CBRN cases
4.To evaluate the patient or the injured
5.Provide life support
6.To apply emergency care in emergency
7.Applying emergency care in traumas
8.Applying care in environmental emergencies
9.Apply treatment to patient or injured person
10.Meet the needs of the patient or injured person
11.To ensure the transfer of sick and wounded
12.Applying emergency care in disasters
13.To examine the human body structurally and functionally
14.Using Ambulance
16.Fighting fire
18.To be able to use modern Turkish language knowledge and language skills.
19.To have knowledge about Atatürk's Principles and Revolution History
20.To communicate at a basic level in a foreign language
21.To understand and use the professional terminology in a foreign language
22.Knows cancer and its types. Know what needs to be done to prevent cancer.
23.Knows the situations requiring emergency surgery
24. Understand the importance of record keeping
25. To increase student's awareness of gender equality
26. Knows radiological imaging methods
27.Knows family planning methods
28. Knows the terms related to human body and its functions
29. Knows the classification of medical waste
30.Know the ethical dilemmas
31.Knows basic concepts about sexuality and sexual health
32.To use their professional knowledge and skills correctly
33.Students will be able to make connections between health policies and state systems
34.Close up defense concept
35.Learning to use posture techniques and body
36. To have general information about health system
37.To learn the rights and obligations of health workers
38.To gain educational and exploratory knowledge about control and protection against infectious diseases
39. Knows pharmacological agents. know how to apply the drugs according to the indications and contraindications
40.To distinguish the physiological structure of the human body
41.Knows the concepts of quality standards, quality, standardization, standards and accreditation in health.
42.Explain and use the practices related to improving the quality of life.
43.To learn the rules of behavior in social and business life
44.To use their personal knowledge, skills and experiences for the benefit of the society as a team
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue