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Academic Information
Education System
Fungiculture - Regular Education
Education System
Students qualify to graduate end of two years / four semesters which is normal academic year when reached 120 ECTS after fulfilling their responsibilities taking place in course curriculum
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
Pursuant to instructions of Board of Higher Education " Regulations Concerning Transfer Between Higher Education Institutions Undergraduate and Graduate " , to Associate and Graduate Programmes from equivalent educational programs to Associate Degree Programs of universities contained in guide of OSYM and foreign universities recognized by YOK is determined according to level transfer rules.
Qualification Awarded
Students who successfully complete this program, Associate Degree in Mushroom Cultivation(Associate of Arts) degree are entitled to.
Specific Admission Requirements
The admissions of students to the programs are made according to the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM – University entrance exam ) within the framework set by the regulations of Higher Education Council (YOK). After students inform the Student Selection and Placement Center about what programs they want to study at, students are placed in the related programs according to their scores they got from the exam.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
The students of Sultanhisar Vocational School may be exempt from some courses within the framework of certain regulations. If course content from another institution is appropriate and relevant to the one in Sultanhisar Vocational School, the course content would be approved by the board of directors of the Sultanhisar Vocational School, so that the students may be exempted from this course.
Profile of The Programme
Mushroom Cultivationprogram provides training for two-year after studying a high school. Students are selected by the Student Selection and Placement Exam of the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM). Every year maximum 50 students are accepted to the program.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Graduates find work in private and public sector establishments as Provincial and District Directorates of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Institutes and Municipalities, and assessment of crop production. Mushroom is ideal for working with private organizations in the field.
Access to Further Studies
Students who graduate from Mushroom Cultivation program can switch to any of the undergraduate program by the Vertical Transfer Examination (DGS) results.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
According to qualification of the course the exams are evaluated such as written, oral, coursework, project or laboratory work exams in calculation of the student’s the grade. Each semester, the students enter at least one midterm exam. Contribution of mid-term exam per course is 40%. Contribution of exam (final exam) on grade is 60%. To be successful one course should be taken 60 out of 100 as the minimum note . In result of final exam student not fulfilling necessary successfull have to enter re-final exam substituting final exam . Contribution of this secondary exam on grade is 60%. Their projects intended researches in related field that students see education for their individual development are carried out in counseling of relevant lecturer. Evaluation of success belonging to classes is criteria (midterm exam, homework, final exam, etc.) which will be taken into account and their ratios, distributed to students at the beginning of the period or posted on the website specified in the curriculum. Dates and places of final exams are announced by the University. Students' final grades; is delivered student affairs and is given by instructor which is responsible for the course according to attendance rules and studies conducted during the period with midterm, final exam notes. Repeating Courses; Students who fail a course, the first period started on this course are required to re-registering.If you are a prerequisite for a course and the student has failed the prerequisite course, don’t registration course that is connected.
Graduation Requirements
Students to graduate from this program; - All their courses to take at least 60 out of 100 - To take a total of at least 120 ECTS - Have to complete their internship within the required time and properties.
Work Placement
Students have to complete their internship within the required time and properties. The required rules are described at the Adnan Menderes University, Sultanhisar Vocational School, Student Internship Instructions.
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