Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Oğuz DOLGUN
Department Head
Unit Coordinators
Lec. Şebnem Nalan AKAROĞLU
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
Ins. Şinasi YAYLAGÜL
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
Ins. Alper Turan DEVLİ
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
Lec. Ali ERKUL
Erasmus Coordinator
Prof. Özgür GÜÇLÜ
Farabi Coordinator
Ins. Sinan BAYIK
Mevlana Coordinator
Department of Crop and Animal Production was established in order to meet necessity of technical personnel who take place between the workers and engineers that needs of the Agricultural Sector. Department consist of three program such as Saplings Cultivation Program, Plant Protection Program, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Program.
Sapling Growing Program; 1995-1996 academic year started training under the name of Seedling and Sapling. This programme changing name as Horticulture in 2008-2009 academic years had continued education and training activities for 2011-2012 academic years. In 2012-2013 academic years, this programme changing again name as Sapling Growing Programme that is one programme of Vegetable and Animal Production Department has maintained education and training activities.
To educate students needed the public and private sectors,equipped with current knowledge and experience, performing all kinds of production of plant seedlings
To be a programme preferred by the students trained in national and international level, armed with the knowledge and skills for the demands of the agricultural sector, which providing contribute to agriculture through his students.
According to the local conditions and our country, aim of our department that gives a contemporary education is to educate technical person that produces while learning in framework co-operation among university-industrial-the manufacturer and having hardware to respond the needs of the today and adhering to professional ethics and having good knowledge about the industry sector and having qualified that the industry seeks for and having capable to follow developing technology and to access to information and being not afraid of taking responsibility.
Physical Infrastructure
Sultanhisar Vocational School occurs from two campus: In the first campus takes place in Blocks of Cevdet İnci and Şefik Çerçioğlu. Other is Ahmet Hakkı Balcıoğlu Campus. Vocational School have 4315 m² closed lands and 9260 m² open area used as practice lands and plantation areas. Buildings contain 14 classrooms, 2 amphi, a conference room, a cafeteria,a guest lecturer’s room, 13 study rooms for academic personnel, 7 study rooms for managerial personnel, a students and staff’s refectory, a store and an archive room, a gym, a meeting room, a theatre area. In Vocational School takes part in 4 practice greenhouses, a open practice field, a sport area in open lands. A conference building has a conference room and fuaye area. A Library building has five internet connected computer areas and five thousand books and with capacity of seventy people.
Technical Infrastructure
Sultanhisar Vocational School find a computer laboratory (include 40 PC), 5 research and practice laboratories, 3 practice workshops. There are 1260 m² greenhouse and 5000 m² practice lands and plantation areas. All classes carried out education and training find slide projector, projection screen and a PC.
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