Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Having the recognition, classification and the use araes knowledge of medical and aromatic plants
2.Having pratical and technical knowledge about cultivation and production of medical and aromatic plants
3.Having knoweledge of morphology, anotomy, cytology, physiology and biochemical structures of medical and aromatic plants
4.Having knowledge of important of soil conditions to grow medical and aromatic plants
5.Having information and the ability to use materials related with basic math and basic chemistry founded on qualifications gained in secondary education
6.Having ability to use effective own language and having knowledge of foreign language in order to communicate own colleagues and own customers
7.Having ability to collect medical and aromatic plants, having knowledge of seed technology, drying and conservation of these plants
8.Having ability to identify and to fight diseases and pests of medical and aromatic plants
9.Having knowledge of all Agricultural activities
10.Having knowledge of Atatürk Principle and Revolutions and to assimilate Atatürk Principle and Revolutions
11.Having consciousness of quality
12.Having knowledge and accumulation of investigative and evaluation
13.Ability to work as an individual capable of independent decision-making ideas verbally and in writing, stating the figure to communicate in a clear and concise
14.Ability to identify plants used for medical purposes and to obtain mixtures from drogs acquired these plants
15.Having skill and knowledge of marketing techniques medical and aromatic plants
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue