Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1. To be able to know general properties and usage areas of industrial materials and make selection.
2.Design of machine elements.
3.To be able to make production using machining and welding machines without machining.
4.To be able to make measurement and quality control processes with machine tools for measuring and control equipment.
5.To be able to make necessary corrections in order to determine the mistakes by using the necessary non-destructive test methods in welded parts and to eliminate these mistakes.
6.Preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of these faults by preliminarily determining the faults that will occur in the machines as statistical data and to make necessary interventions in case of breakdown.
7.They can make drawings of work pieces on CAD station and apply them on CNC looms. Ability to operate and use CAD / CAM and AUTOCAD package programs.
8.To be able to transfer engineering science and technology to practice by making calculations in the direction of scientific principles.
9.It can repair the elements in pneumatic and hydraulic systems which are indispensable elements of automatic control systems and can regulate their work.
10.The student who is trained as a machine technician during the whole program knows that industrial task definition in the field of work is error finding, problem solving, decision making, planning of functions and activities and they can be achieved by aiming to acquire these characteristics.
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