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General Information
Unit Managers
Assoc. Prof. Hakan Can SÖYLEYİCİ
Department Head
Vice Head of Department
Ins. Emre IŞIKLI
Vice Head of Department
Unit Coordinators
Lec. Mithat Evrim DEMİR
Erasmus Coordinator
Ins. Emre IŞIKLI
Placement (Internship) Coordinator
Alternative Energy Resources Technology Program Significant decreasing pace of the scarce conventional energy resources has pushed humanity to search for alternative sustainable energy resources. Lack of adequate energy forms providing appropriate safe, sustainable and storable qualities, existence of synergy among energy forms through hybrid approaches have been indicating substantial career opportunities for the student who preferred this program. In order to provide such important career opportunity to our students, it is aimed that our students to comprehend various practices of alternative energy resources, establishment of hybrid systems, setting integration among these systems, acquisition of fundamental specialties. It is prioritized that our prospect graduates would be a competent professional in their domains in both technical and theoretical aspects, especially for solar and wind electric generation systems. On the basis of geographical location of Turkey, significant potential is existing in terms of alternative energy resources, which promises substantial career opportunity for our graduates.
Established as a result of the Adnan Menderes University and number of stakeholders such as local initiatives and local government bodies in 2015.
Mission We believe everyone deserves good education. As the Buharkent Vocational College, we exert our effort to attain scientific studies, research – development, freedom of speech, and pluralist and participative democracy with all of our knowledge, energy and resources.
VISION To be among the most preferred vocational colleges with our lecturing staff, equipped laboratories, infrastructure. To rise self-confident individuals and let them serve to humanity by observing country’s priorities. Accessing information based on the view of globalization of the knowledge. Bringing solution to the local problems by integrating with the local community. Viewing differences as social richness. Approaching incidents in an holistic perspective without personalizing them.
PURPOSE By pursuing the understanding of academic adequacy, entrepreneurship, creativity, dynamic, high-standard professional ethics, prioritizing scientific and critical thought, establishing social relationships, approaching all individuals without observing gender, race, language or national differences, being loyal to country values, serving humanity and country, life-long learning principle.
Physical Infrastructure
Internet Within the Buharkent Vocational College campus, the whole main building, classrooms, student cafeteria, dining hall, laboratories are under coverage of free “EDUROAM Wi-Fi” internet infrastructure provided by the Aydın Adnan Menderes University. Courses Our courses are lectured in the classrooms equipped with the most recent technology of Power Point presentations under student-centered understanding by exchanging opinions among students and lecturer.
Technical Infrastructure
Our Classrooms There are 8 classrooms in our college and each of which bears 7 lines of single student seats. Our Laboratories Basic Electricity Lab In our laboratory, students gain opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge within the scope of the basic electricity concept in group study. In practice, they develop their competency in application of electrical resistant, electric current circuits, components and control devices and etc. Our lab is currently equipped with the latest technology to answer their needs in relation with electrical practices. Electronic PLC Control And Automation Lab Our lab is designed for our student to provide a modern environment in which they gain an experience in real terms of automated applications. While our students conduct practical aspect of their courses on exampled PLC applications, servo-motors, and control circuits, they could also follow theoretical part over the projection system. Alternative Energy Resources Lab & Workshop Our laboratory is equipped with the most recent technological examples of alternative energy components. It is aimed to provide our students an environment that could inspire them in establishment of hybrid energy systems by employing various components. Our lab is designed to enable them to work on electricity generation by solar panels, wind turbines, energy storage and grid feeding. Our students are encouraged to design their unique systems.
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