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Fruit and Vegetable Processing Technology is a pre-license program that educates fruit and vegetable technicians who will work in businesses or public sector where fruit and vegetables are processed in various products (such as fruit juice, jam, dried fruits and vegetables, tomato paste).
Graduates are preferred by the business world, have an innovative, sustainable education system, which is proud to be part of the region, which will open the horizons of human beings, leading to developments in the first place in the student preferences.
Qualified and modern individuals who are productive, researcher, self-confident, sensitive to ethical values, contribute to the development of relevant sectors, contribute to social and cultural life in society, have sufficient professional, technical education knowledge and skills, adapt to changing conditions and fulfill the requirements of the era and technological developments train.
In the provinces and regions where intensive agricultural production is made, there is a problem of qualified intermediate staff in agriculture-based industry. The province of Aydın and the Aegean Region is one of the regions where intensive agricultural production is carried out and especially the agro-industrial industry has a serious problem of intermediate staff. Fruit and Vegetable Processing Technology Program aims to provide technical staff training in food science and technology in order to meet the requirement of intermediate staff in fruit and vegetable enterprises by giving weight to fruits and vegetables products. In this way, it is aimed to meet the need of technical intermediate staff (technician) needed by the agricultural industry. Thus, in this region where intensive agricultural production is made, contribution will be made to add value to the products.
Physical Infrastructure
Education are carried out at B block at the Koçarlı Vocational School. Koçarlı Vocational School contain 7 classrooms, 1 computer laboratory, 1 microscope laboratory, 1 chemistry laboratory and 15 offices. The student canteen and refectory and staff refectory in South Campus are using with Faculty of Agriculture. There is an application area of 2.500 m2 of the High School with 10.000 m2 open area. In the application area, there are two poultry areas with a size of 60 m2 and another area of 250 m2, a nethouse with an area of 50 m2, two nylon greenhouses with an area of 50 m2 and a polycarbon greenhouse with a closed area of 100 m2. In addition, there is a sports field with a 500 m2 area including basketball, volleyball and tennis courts for sporting events.
Technical Infrastructure
There are 64 pcs computer, 10 computer case with projection-linked, 3 notebook, 17 video projectors, 1 overhead projector , 1 slide machine, 1 photocopy machine, 1 fax, 1 photo machine, 1 camera, 12 printers, 3 scanners, 21 microscope, 1 dvd device, 1 plotter, 1 digital graphic tablet. The Faculty of Agriculture has a rich library of books and journal to serve our students. ADU HABER is a monthly periodical journal which is open to the students. There are 2 electronic journals memberships. Laboratory Instruments: Oven, Incubator, Muffle furnance, Pure water appliance, Precision scale, Vortex mixer, etc.
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