Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to gain subject knowledge of profession in theory and practice in the learning process.
2.To be able to make plans related to the subject-matter and gain the competence of using the appropriate approach, strategy, technique for the plans in the learning process.
3.To be able to gain skills of the teaching profession in the learning process.
4.To be able to implement teaching profession knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits related to the subject-matter in a real teaching and learning environment in the learning process.
5.To be able to comprehend contemporary approaches of education and the philosophies they are based on
6.To be able to gain the basic skills such as comprehending, expressing, commenting, evaluating, being aware and enterprising, communicating, acknowledging the individual related to the subject-matter.
7.To be able to become individuals faithful to the Principles and Revolutions of Ataturk, be modern democratic, secular, protecting and deveoping one's country, being alive to the nation, respecting human rights, preserving the nature, not being discriminatory, giving importance to the traditions and customs, protecting the values
8.To be able to improve oneself in terms of sport, art and culture.
9.To be able to become individuals believing in lifelong learning.
10.To be able to educate individuals who keep up with developments in social, economic, technological and scientific areas, who investigate the main reasons of World problems and try to contribute to the solution of these problems.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue