Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.will acquire, be able to use, to adapt and to convey the basic theoretical and applied knowledge and information promoted by textbooks with up to date contents, supported with equipment and instruments related to chemistry and reinforced by other sources.
2.will be able to diagnose and understand the issues relating to chemistry and share the results with public paying attention to scientific, ethical and cultural values.
3.will have profound knowledge about the properties of chemicals and will be able to use this knowledge in daily life, in areas of industry and practical chemistry and to share his experiences with the public.
4.will be acquainted with the issues of sampling and analysis in laboratories of research and development, in quality control and in factories processing chemical substances and will have the capacity to report the results in officially accepted formats.
5.will be able to analyze and report the results of samples of environmental importance and to offer solutions to environmental problems.
6.will gain the qualifications for applying chemical and biochemical analysis methods in public-health and medical laboratories.
7.will be able to read and understand the basic terms and texts relating to chemistry profession in a foreign language.
8.will have the ability to use computer software relating to chemistry together with information communication technologies.
9.will develop a positive attitude towards life-log learning and refreshing his/her professional knowledge and skills continuously.
10.will demonstrate awareness and comprehension about the universality of social rights and justice, about the conservation of cultural values and will bear consciousness and sensitivity about the issues of environmental protection and workplace safety.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue