Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Assoc. Prof. Ali PETEK
Department Head
Assoc. Prof. Aynur UÇKAÇ
Vice Head of Department
Assoc. Prof. Şansel ÖZPINAR
Vice Head of Department
Unit Coordinators
Assoc. Prof. Aynur UÇKAÇ
Farabi Coordinator
Established in 1992, the Department of Finance, has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate degree in the field of finance. With 14 full-time faculty members and approximately 800 undergraduate students this department serve in the area of public finance, taxation and public spending. Academic staff study in many areas of public economics like finance, budget, public debt and poverty.
Department of Public Finance began to enroll undergraduate students in 1994.Within the department, there are 2 Professors, 3 Associate Professor, 4 Assistant Professor and 6 Research Assistants.
Public Finance Programme 's first target is cultivate well-qualified people for private and public sector and preparing students for complex- competetive bussiness life. As related with this target in this 4 years programme, about fiscal subjets there are many theorotical courses are studied.
This programme and the lecturers aim to adopt the global and local developments in Public Finance and integrate the theorotical and practical knowledge in bachelor process.
The purpose of the Finance, adopted the conceptual framework of the basic science of finance to students and support them about thinking mathematically, using fiscal knowledge in their bussiness life, sharing a global perspective and inquisitive, adopted the philosophy of lifelong learning and encourage their social talents when they graduate from this programme.
Physical Infrastructure
Information about the Buildings and Physical Facilities Used by the Department or Programme Nazilli Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is situated in İsabeyli, twenty minutes far from Nazilli and has a three-block, 26-square-meter indoor spaced central building, which includes 15 lecture halls, 8 classes, 2 computer labs with 7/24 internet connection, 1 library, 1 canteen, 1 student and 1 staff dining hall besides a total 80 office rooms 64 of which are allocated to the academic staff.
Technical Infrastructure
Number of the Classrooms The courses are conducted in 15 lecture halls, 8 classes and 2 computer labs. Technological Equipments IT and internet infrastructure in the faculty were designed to serve constantly to the academic and administrative staff via the desktop and laptop computers available in all Office rooms; hence, permanent Access to academic/scientific publications have been assured. Students, too, have the same opportunity by means of the computer labs open during educational terms. Students also use the internet Access of nearby cafes/restaurants. Laboratories Nazilli Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences has two computer labs.
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