Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Students will gain knowledge and skill to use information of basic sciences in agricultural sciences.
2.Students will have the basic technical knowledge of agricultural engineering.
3.Students will have ability to identify diseases, pests and weeds that cause problems on cultivated plants and have details on their biology, systematics, damage and management methods.
4.Students will gain knowledge and skills to use appropriate control methods and strategies to solve plant protection problems.
5.Students will learn about pesticides which are used in plant protection.
6.Students will have capability of recommending the pesticides by giving priority to the environment and human health,and have experience to implement them in agriculture.
7.Students will have ability to make agricultural consulting and to write prescription and sell plant protection products.
8.Students will have knowledge to work in plant certification services for propagation of disease and pest free plants and to serve in quarantine services for plant products.
9.Students will gain ability to do both individual and team work in the areas related to their profession.
10.Students acquire skills to use information technologies for collecting information from literature, preparing reviews, making oral and written presentations and writing puplications.
11.Students will have general information about Agricultural Legislation and Regulations.
12.Students will internalize Atatürk's principles and revolutions.
13.Students will gain ability to use languages correctly, clearly and fluently in learning and transmitting information.
14.Students will learn at least one foreign language in order to follow the international publications and make oral and written communication with foreigners.
15.Students will understand the importance of participation via individual and group activities in vocational or nonvocational communities.
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