Information Package / Course Catalogue
Academic Information
Education System
Recreation - Regular Education
Recreation - Second Shift Education
Education System
65% of the courses in Recreation program are theoretical and 35% of the courses are practical. Also 10% elective courses are involved in the program.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
Qualification Awarded
This department offers 240 ECTS credits courses
Specific Admission Requirements
The candidates must have a high school or equivalent diploma and must have taken a sufficient score from Higher Education and must be successful in the Physical Abilities Exam.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
The students who took compulsive and elective courses available in the curriculum before and were successful in those courses are exempted from those courses.
Profile of The Programme
Graduates can work in tourist businesses, resorts, hotels, thermal units, travel agencies, municipalities, community facilities, parks, sports clubs, public agencies, local governments, and educational institutions.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Students who complete the program successfully may apply to master's and doctoral degrees in the field of Recreation science or in other fields that accepts students from other disciplines.
Access to Further Studies
If the candidates who successfully complete the undergraduate education take at least 55 from Academic Staff and Graduate Study Education Exam (ALES) (%50), 50 from foreign language test (%25) and take 60 (%25) from the interview and the total makes 65 can begin graduate studies.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
In our department, the methods and practices used in the assessment consists of two main parts as follows: Midterm Exams (% 40) Theoretical lectures: Written + Oral Practical lessons: Practice + Theory Final exams (% 60) Theoretical lectures: Written + Project-Homework (Written and Oral) Applied course: practice + Theoretical + Project-Homework (Written and Oral) All exam assessments cannot measure the learning exactly Assessment and evaluation practices used compared to the true goals and objectives are effective at the level of 60-70%.
Graduation Requirements
Students have to take a minimum weighed average of 2.00 out of 4.00 in order to complete all courses which are a total of 159 credits (240 ECTS) successfully.
Work Placement
Department of Recreation students have to do an internship of at least twenty business days. They have to do their internship at public or private agency and institutes that give service for their field Internship start and end dates are determined by the Board of Vocational Training. Students can do their internship in any month if they cannot complete their internship although they achieved all the courses. Rules related to the running of internship are determined in the Internship Instruction of School of Physical Education and Sports.
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