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Soke of Health Sciences was founded in 1992 and opened in 2011 with 50 students from the department since 2012 started education in nursing.
Soke Helath College was founded in 1992 however Nursing Branch opened in 2011. In Junuary,2011 Initially The director of the college was deputed and then The Assistants of the Director.From April, 2011 three instructors have been assigned to Nursing Department and then in February ,2011 again three instructors assinged to this department. Our Department starts education in 2012 \2013 academic year .
Concerning the regional and national needs , with contemparary international scales , based on scientific developments , creating information , contributed to the scinetific developments , especially to meet the nation s health needs ; Our misson is to bring nurses up having the abilitiy of problem solving and research techniquies , creating alternations , having respectful for ethical values and human rights.
Our misson is to be a model educational and research institution which brings indivuals up knowing health science and art , also be able to use it , prefered by national and international sources , competing with international standarts.
There is a serious problem in our country, as in the opening chapter, which aim to reduce the deficit in the number of nurses to contribute to the effective delivery of quality health care, high sense of responsibility that the role of the researcher, questioning, problem-solving ability is high, due to ethical principles, with the ability to think analytically, an innovative, holistic view angle, which can create change is to educate nurses and critical thinking.
Technical Infrastructure
School 's not a building for the education of students starting in the academic year 2012-2013 for the Faculty of Business Administration, which belong to the classrooms, laboratories, are used in areas such as canteens and cafeterias.
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