Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to comprehend the basics of Public Administration (politics and social sciences, management sciences, urbanization and the environment, public law).
2.To be able to sense the current problems in the field of Public Administration, to be able to gain the ability to propose solutions to access and make comments.
3.To be able to gain the hardware required for the public and private exam.
4.To be able to comprehend regional and national developments and to be able to set a relationshipp between these and global developments.
5.To be able to be aware of ethical behavior of social, professional and scientific principles.
6.To be able to comprehend basic and macro economy.
7.To be able to link political philosophy and political life.
8.To be able to have the ability of critical and analytical thinking, and the solution.
9.To be able to internalize democratic, legal and universal human values.
10.To be able to gain the basic professional information for the public and private organizations.
11.Recognizes the bureacratic procedures and learns bureacy's utility, duties and responsabilities in state apparatus.
12.By learning state, society and social systems in a philosophical understanding, earns the ability to approach them in a multiplistic way.
13.Earns the skill to read and evaluate judicial texts.
14.Perceives ideologies and ideological thought and collects an understanding of their social aspects and bases.
15.Learns political history and political thought of the society, develops the skill to evaluate values of the society and renew personal environment.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue