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General Information
Unit Managers
Department Head
Lec. Samsun Mustafa BAŞARICI
Vice Head of Department
Unit Coordinators
Lec. Samsun Mustafa BAŞARICI
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
Department of Computer Engineering was established in 2008 and not started education. The education language is English.
Department of Computer Engineering was established in 2008. The education language is English.
To teach, produce and disseminate theory, principles, practice and know-how of computing for the critical analysis, design, evaluation, and improvement of computer-based systems in the contexts of computers and man, computers and the society, computers and the industry and services.
Contemporary developments and technological research, development and training infrastructure to quickly and continuously improve.
• Possess the basic understanding of the concepts of mathematics, science and engineering. • Can apply good analytic, design, implementation, and management skills required to formulate and solve computer engineering problems. • Can follow and adopt the improvements in the related areas. • Demonstrate that they can function, communicate, collaborate and continue to learn effectively as ethically and socially responsible computer engineering professionals.
Physical Infrastructure
Students who was accepted to Electrical-Electronic, Food, Civil and Mechanical Engineering Departments has been started undergraduate education in Center Hall.
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