Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.The abilityof systemically assessment of patients with theoretical knowledge in the fields of basic medicine and dentistry.
2.The ability of practice and being familiar with materials and medicine used in the field of dentistry.
3.To gain new acquisition and lifelong self developments by learning modern technological developments and new methods of the treatment in the field of dentistry.
4.To have knowledge about profession of dentistry, moral, ethical and legal responsibility.
5.To take a complete medical history about the patient's medical and dental state, perform an appropriate physical examination and personalised planning, apply therapeutic interventions.
6.The ability to block the formation of cross-infection by protection from physical, chemical and microbiological contamination during clinical application.
7.Having information about practice management assist staff training, effective working order, occupational disease prevention methods, environmental protection and job security, to make the necessary applications about those issues
8.To apply preventive dentistry practice in the clinic, to support for the community by participating in oral and dental health programs and projects.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue