Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Kamil Can BULUT
Department Head
Lec. Gökhan Şefik ERKURT
Vice Head of Department
Unit Coordinators
Assoc. Prof. Meryem NAKİBOĞLU
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
Assoc. Prof. Meryem NAKİBOĞLU
Erasmus Coordinator
Lec. Gökhan Şefik ERKURT
Farabi Coordinator
Assoc. Prof. Meryem NAKİBOĞLU
Mevlana Coordinator
Since 2016/2017 Academic Year, the Department of German Language and Literature will actively provide formal education. Education language is German. Prep class is compulsory.
Until 2015/2016, the Department of German Language and Literature, which operates under the Department of Western Languages ??and Literatures, has started to accept students since the 2016/2017 academic year.
Mission of the Department of German Language and Literature; He knows German, German Literature and Culture very well, knows Western Literature and Culture well, knows German Philosophy, has learned the stages of German cultural history with its features, can use German in written and oral communication contexts, foreign and private sector, foreign trade, interpreting, press and editorial, tourism and cultural services, education, training, international relations, the state ministries to work in the field of work and to do that in the field of professional, hard-working, high sense of responsibility, to train individuals equipped with universal and social values.
 To contribute to world thought, history, peace and science as Germanists who add analytical thinking structure in scientific and social perspective and add value to inside and outside the field with open and innovative ideas.
To make scientific contributions as a department of Adnan Menderes University with academic and individual activities in accordance with the dignity of Germanic discipline, to maximize both the institution and the department at national and international level and to make it an accepted and preferred position in its field. - To participate actively in the projects to be carried out in the process of harmonization with the European Union and to support scientific research with its knowledge and equipment. MekTo educate individuals who are able to express their feelings and thoughts freely, who are creative, researcher, entrepreneur, self-regulated, value differences, respect for human rights, are willing to learn, and are physically and physically healthy. MakStudying at graduate level. - To make publications and researches at international level.  
Physical Infrastructure
There are three classes with projection, air conditioning and sound system.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue