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General Information
Department of Educational Sciences , consists of four main branches : 1) Department of Curriculum and Instruction (EPO), 2) Education Administration , Supervision, Planning and Economy Department ( Educational Administration ), the 3) Guidance and Counseling ( Psychological Services ) Master of Science ( RPD ) and 4) Educational Measurement and Evaluation Department Located within the Department of Educational Sciences of the main branches of science majors only EPH students are admitted to the undergraduate level . Educational Administration and EPÖ only the main branches of science graduate (master/ doctorate) level students are taken. EPÖ main branches of science, educational programs and teaching-learning approach for contemporary academic work is done. Educational Administration in the main branches of science, education and school management and the structure and function of the school as a social institution is working faces. RPD the main branches of science, school guidance and counseling services in the field of training.
Department of Educational Sciences The mission of Curriculum and Instruction, Educational and Counseling Psychology and Educational Administration, Supervision, Planning and Economy in the sciences of the country in need of specialists and researchers to train the country's education system needs high-quality scientific research and development activities and training services to offer.
Department of Educational Sciences of the vision , education, science pioneer in the field to be a part; leadership characteristics with society's needs his idealistic and high-level proficiency with teachers and experts to train the Turkish education system changing and evolving to meet the needs of the education system change and transformation to guide the research and development work in the field of science and education to produce world-class education and research division is to be specialized.
1. Veterans improving the quality of teacher education at the University and ensure that Turkey needs; national and universal values with the teaching profession with information and teaching-learning approaches and methods to train competent teachers, 2. Education in the field of science, the Ministry of Education and other public institutions and organizations and the private sector and non-governmental organizations operating in the field of education experts, researchers, managers, supervisors, educating, 3. In parallel with the increasing capacity requirements in higher education, the relevant departments of universities educating teaching staff, 4.Turkish Ministry of Education for the development of education and other public institutions and organizations operating in the private sector and civil society organizations working in the field of education administrators, supervisors, specialists and develop the professional competencies of teachers, 5.Turkish education in line with national interests and values in the development of policies and practices that will guide the research and development work, and the information produced with stakeholders to shape policies and practices that will ensure the cooperation and develop relationships, 6. Based on the philosophy of lifelong learning, collaboration in the work of the staff, transparency, freedom of scientific thought , creativity and originality was defined as developing.
Physical Infrastructure
Education faculty classrooms, education faculty library, computer laboratory, doctorate classroom. meeting room, conference hall
Technical Infrastructure
Computers, projectors, smart board in the classrooms
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