Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Lec. Belgin YILDIRIM
Department Head
Unit Coordinators
Prof. Sevgi ÖZSOY
Erasmus Coordinator
Prof. Zeynep GÜNEŞ
Farabi Coordinator
Mevlana Coordinator
Nursing Faculty was established instead of Aydin Health School by the decision of Council of Ministers, which published in Official Gazette with date 08/04/2016 and decision number 29678. Within Faculty, 8 departments including Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Gynaechology and Obstetric Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, Public Health Nursing and Nursing Management occur. 27 academician, 1 teaching assistant and 18 research assistant work in related departments. Almost 600 students keep going their studies in our faculty and in addition to Bachelor's degree level, master's degree (with&without thesis) and doctorate programs are offered as well. Graduates from nursing faculty can be employed in a variety of opportunities including governmental institutions like Ministry of Health and university hospitals, in other institutions from other ministries which give health service, in institutions giving chronical and long-term care, education and research centers, schools, residential homes, elderly care centers and industrial health centers. Also today, with their increasing number each day, private health institutions and private hospitals employ nurses as practitioner, educator, administrator and researcher nurse.
Firstly, our school was established as Aydin Health School according to Council of Ministers with decision number 96/8655 and date 10.10.1996 in accordance with Law number 2809 as a result of the implementation of a protocol signed between Higher Education Board and Ministry of Health and implementation of Higher Board of Health decisions belong to year 1995. By the decision of Council of Ministers, which published in Official Gazette with date 08/04/2016 and decision number 29678, it continues to education as Nursing Faculty. Within Aydin School of Health, the first master's degree program in Department of Gynaechology and Obstetric Nursing started in 2005 and the first doctorate program in Department of Medical Nursing started in 2014. Today, in all departments of Nursing Faculty exept Nursing Management Department, master's degree and doctorate programs exist.
To educate and graduate individuals in terms of universal standards and along scientific researches to protect, improve and maintain health of individuals, families and public, to provide service and technology for the benefit of public which producted through multidisciplinary approach and train individuals to be able to use their professional roles including to be an effective educator, service provider, carer, researcher, manager and leader, and to produce scientific knowledge.
To be a preferable educational institution well-recognized nationally and internationally with its bachelor's/master's/doctorate programs enabling students gain professional knowledge and skills and to be a competent educational institution in its field with scientific researches, also effective in professional decisions and policies.
To serve the public good quality nursing care with members of profession and be preferable educational institution well-recognized nationally and internationally with its property of raising well-qualified, professional, contemporary and humanistic nurses and to contribute development of both public health and the profession.
Physical Infrastructure
Total closed area of faculty is 7812 m2, there are 3 amphis, 3 classrooms and also 3 problem based learning rooms.
Technical Infrastructure
In our institution Student Affairs System (OBIS), Academic Information System (AKBIS), Financial Budget System(e-budget), Movable Properties Follow-Up System (AYNI-PRO), Editorial Office Automatization System are used. There are 63 desktop and 33 laptop computers, 9 projectors, 3 slide show machines, 9 overhead projectors, 1 barcode reader, 1 printing machine, 3 photocopies, 1 fax machine, 1 camera, 2 televisions, 27 printers, 2 scanners, 1 DVD, 2 LCD monitors, 9 presentation remote controls. With the new changes our faculty library started to service with part-time working students in order to help them meet their needs. In the library there are 8 internet connected computers open to student use and common use and there is also wireless internet connection inside the faculty. Our students can easily reach libraries of our university and other universities via using these computers. In addition, master's degree students can also use 5 internet connected computers which take place in Office of Lecturers that designed for the teaching staff coming from other departments.
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