Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Ayden ÇOBAN
Department Head
Although midwifery is one of the oldest professions in human history, it gained the right to undergraduate education on 2 November 1996 (Official Gazette No. 22805). Aydın Adnan Menderes University started undergraduate education in the Department of Midwifery in 1997. As a postgraduate education, the Midwifery Department has been continuing its master education since 2010 and its doctorate education since 2014. There are 8 lecturers and 2 prelectors in the Midwifery Department. Graduates of Midwifery Department can work as a midwife / responsible midwife / clinical midwife/training midwife in primary, secondary and tertiary public institutions and organizations and private hospitals. They can also work as an educator midwife in pregnant education classes in secondary and tertiary hospitals. At the same time, they can work as academic midwives in higher education institutions. Students are admitted to the Midwifery Department with numerical score type. Our department has an average of 100 quotas per year.
Our department, which started undergraduate education in Aydın School of Health in 1997-1998 academic years, started to provide education within the faculty with the establishment of the Faculty of Health Sciences in the 2016-2017 academic years. In our department, a Master’s Degree was opened in 2010 and a Doctorate Program was opened in 2014.
To educate professional midwives aiming to protect, develop and improve mother, fetus, newborn, family and community health in universal standards, respecting human rights equipped with professional knowledge and skills, innovative, collaborative, researcher, questioning, protecting professional ethical principles and values, contributing to science, having free and critical thinking power, and having a say in the development of professional policies
To be a nationally and internationally preferred department and be a pioneering institution that takes an active role in the development of midwifery education and health policies in our country.
To provide midwife candidates with a modern university education that will allow them to carry out advanced studies for the protection and development of women, newborn and community health, to raise the standards of midwifery education and profession, to train educators, practitioners and researchers who have learned to learn to serve professional developments and to improve the knowledge power of the profession.
Physical Infrastructure
Classrooms in the Faculty of Health Sciences Building are used jointly by the Department of Child Development along with other departments. Our faculty building has classrooms, equipment, surface area, environmental facilities, laboratories and units. The areas available in our faculty building are most effectively used in coordination between departments. Academic staff carry out the current program by working with dedication. In the classes where theoretical courses will be processed, there are computers, projectors, projection screens, rows in anfi layout and a blackboard. There is one midwifery laboratory used in conducting lessons and other services.
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