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Lec. Gül Öznur KARABIÇAK
Department Head
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is a science in which physiotherapists apply the necessary approaches to improve and maintain functional capacity after or before all kinds of diseases, injuries, old age and painful conditions that can be applied in many fields of medicine, especially those that cause movement and functional disabilities. Physiotherapist determines the problems arising from injuries, diseases, congenital disabilities, movement system disorders or other conditions with special assessment-evaluation methods, plans, implements and re-evaluates and reports the physiotherapy and rehabilitation program for the improvement of functional capacity according to the diagnosis of the specialist physician, as well as It is a healthcare professional with professional autonomy who plans appropriate exercises and preventive programs in order to maintain the health of healthy people. Physiotherapists, who have a wide range of work in public and private institutions, can do post-graduate education, science expertise and doctorate studies, and can work as lecturers in physiotherapy and rehabilitation departments.
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department was first established within Söke Health High School. During this period, 3 research assistants were recruited through the Teaching Staff Training program. With the establishment of the Faculty of Health Sciences in 2016, it was transferred to the faculty. After their transfer to the Faculty of Health Sciences, 3 more research assistants were recruited within the priority area. In 2017, 2018 and 2020, 1 physician faculty member was included in the department. The department has applied to the Higher Education Institution to start education in the 2020-2021 academic year.
Our Mission, In the light of universal and cultural values, to train health professionals and educators who respect human rights, have lifelong learning, teaching and communication skills, are competent in professional and scientific fields, and will serve in different fields of physiotherapy rehabilitation, • To work on gaining professional autonomy, • To carry out multidisciplinary studies, • To do postgraduate education and research, • To provide physiotherapy rehabilitation service and technology for the benefit of society.
Our vision, • To make the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation more effective in improving public health and welfare, • To become a respected and leading department in the field, with professional autonomy, followed and referenced in the international scientific platform by producing services and policies with priority to education. • Make an original scientific studies that will grow with and contributing to the development of Turkey's health system with qualified graduates is to be a recognized part in national and international platforms.
Basic Objectives of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department • The Physiotherapy Program aims to train students who have the knowledge to deal with all kinds of problems that may arise in a physical therapy patient, and to apply the techniques and methods required for physical therapy and have business ethics. • The Physiotherapy Program offers the need of lifelong learning and the ability to gain the self-confidence of taking responsibility and having the professional equipment to defend their opinion in front of the society. • Within the physiotherapy and rehabilitation program, it aims to provide the disabled people with the ability to produce services for the social reintegration. • The Physiotherapy Program offers the ability to search for resources, access information and use information resources correctly by providing individual study, historical knowledge, foreign language knowledge, written and oral communication skills.
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